Alpha Tau Omega holds before the young men of the country an ideal and something greater than a mere intellectual ideal. Alpha Tau Omega stands for heart as well as head. It has given men a true ideal of life.
Otis Allan Glazebrook, Lexington, Virginia

Through the years, many Taus have elevated themselves while living The Creed, creating a lasting impression on the country the Founders intended to help heal. From Otis Allan Glazebrook to Taus yet unborn, the men of ATO have left and will continue to leave a lasting impression on the fabric of society.
ATO alumni have touched your life by holding influential national ans international political positions, entertained you on the playing fields, in the cinema, on stage and on television, been the heads of some of the world's largest companies, changed lives from the pulpit, and educated from chalkboards and in America's neighborhoods.

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