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October 20, 2010 - 04:08 AM

Those who be affiliated to the orthodox faiths demand that the say-so of their obedience rests on expos‚, and that expos‚ is confirmed in the pages of books and accounts of miracles and wonders whose nature is supernatural. But those of us who have long discarded the belief in the magical still are in the attendance of revelations which are the cellar of faith. We too entertain our revealed religion. We accept looked upon the lineaments of men and women that can be to us the symbols of that which is holy. We acquire heard words of divine wisdom and reality viva voce in the gentle voice. In of the quarter there experience come to us these occurrence which, when accepted, allow to us revelations, not of exceptional religion, but of a unexceptional and assured certitude in the incorporeal powers that motivate and stay in the center of <a>person's] being.

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