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October 20, 2010 - 10:15 AM

Those who possession of to the orthodox faiths demand that the say-so of their certainty rests on expos‚, and that pronouncement is presupposed in the pages of books and accounts of miracles and wonders whose disposition is supernatural. But those of us who from great discarded the assent in the magical quiescent are in the self-possession of revelations which are the foundation of faith. We too arrange our revealed religion. We have looked upon the fa‡ade of men and women that can be to us the symbols of that which is holy. We acquire heard words of venerable understanding and reality viva voce in the vulnerable voice. In sight of the universe there keep meet up to us these participation which, when accepted, give to us revelations, not of abnormal doctrine, but of a regular and fated credence in the spiritual powers that animate and labour in the center of <a>yourselves's] being.

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