Homecoming!2010 ATO Homecoming - "There's No School Like Old School"
October 15-16th

Once a Zeta Chi, always a Zeta Chi...

It's time for the 2010 annual ATO Homecomig Celebration at Louisiana Tech. If you are an Alpha Tau Omega alumnus, then ATO probably played a big role in who you are now. So get out your old party t-shirts, party mugs, photo albums, and memories and bring yourself and your family to the ATO House the weekend of October 15th-16th. We're having a celebration of ATO past, present, and future..

Da Schedule
  • Friday Night
  • - Pep rally at 6:15 in the TAC, we're wearing our letters.
    - Partying, volleyball, music, food at the house afterwards
  • Saturday Morning
  • - 8:00 tee time for those playing golf
  • Saturday Morning
  • - 11:00 Tailgating begins at the Hideaway Park near the stadium (you can't miss us)
  • Gametime!
  • - Tech V Idaho at 3:00
  • Post Game
  • - "There's No School Like Old School" 80's theme for the after party
    Get your vintage 80's clothes and be ready to Wang Chung and Fight for Your Right at the house along with partying, volleyball, etc at the house

    Da Scoop

  • Food - The actives are supplying all the barbeque and fixins you can stand. No cost to you!
  • Drinks - As always, it's BYOB. If you're bringing your kids, please make sure to bring water/sodas.
  • T-Shirts - We have a great design and are taking orders for shipment within a few weeks. Much easier to order what we need than pay for what we don't.
  • Music/Tailgating - We have a music, food, a tent, banners, and flags set up on in the newly revamped Hideaway Park to the right of the Thomas Assembly Center. You can't miss us. Bring whatever you need to have a good time. ATO is gonna kick some ass!
  • Game Tickets - Tech Id's have changed, so be prepared to buy a ticket or sneak in. You can easily buy tickets at the gate.
  • Cost - The food, music, volleyball, tailgating is on us this year! We really want the alumni to know how much we appreciate your recent support. We wouldn't be here without you. Of course, there are definite financial needs of the chapter and we'll be glad to discuss with you individually if you'd like to make a donation. Get more info on that on our Alumni Support page.

    If you have any questions or special needs, please call the house. Hope to see you at the house!

    Love and Respect to all Worthy Brothers of ATO Zeta Chi

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