2004 - 2005 ATO Leadership

Board of Trustees
Executive Committee
House Corporation

Board of Trustees

In 1995 the National Fraternity Board of Directors devolved power from the National Fraternity to newly created boards of trustees. The Louisiana Zeta Chi Chapter has a local group of alumni and other volunteers who make up our Board of Trustees. This board is empowered to work with the chapter, encourage officers and other members and hold the chapter accountable for chapter and National Fraternity policies and initiatives. While our board has the authority to remove pins and revoke our charter, its overriding purpose is to support the chapter and provide professional insight and advice that will strengthen every member's experience as an undergraduate ATO.

Board Members  
Paul Wilhelm '99 Chairman
Todd Meier '99 Vice Chairman
Jim Ford '91 Treasurer
Louis Duhé '95 Member
Matthew Vermillion '99 Member
David Harrison '02 Ex-Officio Member
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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the major administrative body of the chapter. It is composed of all elected officers, External Affairs Officer and the House Manager. The committee acts as a clearing committee for business that is known to come before the chapter. It also formulates short and long term plans for the chapter in addition to recommending changes in policy.

Executive Committee Members  
David Harrison '02 Worthy Master
Joey Wilhelm '01 Worthy Marshal
Jared Moore '02 Worthy Chaplain
Arthur Parsons '03 Worthy Keeper of Exchequer
Jarrad McMillian '04 Worthy Scribe
Sidney Creamer '04 Worthy Keeper of Annals
Mitchell Bell '00 Worthy Sentinel
Cash Frazier '03 Worthy Usher
Michael Mayer '02 Social/Risk Management Chairman
Joey Wilhelm '01 External Affairs Officer


Housing Corporation Board of Directors

The purpose of a house corporation is to serve as the legal entity which purchases or leases any real property (land or buildings) as accommodations for the chapter. The corporation also has the basic responsibilities for the management and maintenance or the chapter house. These include contracting for service required to properly maintain and operate the facility, and to provide adequate property insurance coverage.

Housing Coproration Directors  
Luis Duhé '95 Chief Executive Officer
Steve Wallace Treasurer