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Introducing a new and exciting way to stay involved with the Fraternity for a lifetime. If you are an Alpha Tau Omega alumnus, then ATO probably played a big role in who you are now. ATO can continue to play an important role in your future by becoming a Life Loyal Tau. As a member, you will receive special benefits that will keep you connected with the Fraternity. You will also gain the satisfaction from lending your support and experience to worthwhile undergraduate programs and alumni activities.

Who is a Life Loyal Tau
Membership as a Loyal Tau consists of a Brotherhood of young and old alumni who wish to support the National Fraternity in its continued efforts in the development of undergraduate programs and services, increase alumni participation, strengthen local chapter alumni associations, and to fully utilize the vast alumni network to support the initiatives of Alpha Tau Omega. Your membership is charged with not only promoting and preserving the traditions of excellence associated with ATO, but also passing that standard on to future Taus.

The strength of Alpha Tau Omega is fueled by the support of individuals like you who unite to promote its achievements. Through the years, Taus have elevated themselves while living The Creed and have helped create a lasting impression as the Founders intended. From Otis Allan Glazebrook to Taus yet born, the Life Loyal Tau membership is the best way to show your appreciation and support and take part in the enduring spirit and heritage of Alpha Tau Omega.

To acquaint yourself with the many benefits associated with becoming a Life Loyal Tau, please click on the Loyal Tau Benefits & Services. To sign up online and become a Life Loyal Tau please click on the Life Loyal Tau Online Registration Form.

Payment Options
You will be surprised to learn that the one-time cost of membership is only $299. If you prefer, you may choose to make an initial payment of $50 and then just eight convenient monthly installments of $35 each. A small fee has been added to each installment to cover additional processing costs.