Recruitment & New Member Information

What does ATO have to offer? 

First and foremost, you are here for college, and ATO strives to maintain a chapter average above the all-mens average of a 2.5 GPA. 

We actively participate in the community through several different programs. Alpha Tau Omega is a leadership development fraternity.

Alpha Tau Omega prides itself on being a non-hazing fraternity that brings out the best in men, building leadership skills and improving their members.

And finally, we aim to have a good time, with both social functions and casual parties throughout the year. This includes mixers with sororities, intramural sports, playing paintball, camping, concerts, chapter dinners, etc...

What does ATO look for in new members?

The men of Alpha Tau Omega look for new members to be energetic and outgoing, of high moral character, and have a GPA of 2.5 or greater. All members are expected to work hard and party hard.

How much does it cost?

Pledge fees are $50 per month while active dues are $89 per month.
Twice a year each active pays around $175 for National Liability Insurance (required by ATO National Organization). Those who pledge in the Fall Quarter will be required to pay National Dues/Insurance of $230 due in the January/February of the following year. Actives are required to live in the house for THREE CONSECUTIVE QUARTERS, with monthly rent of $350/month (includes active fees of $65, a $10 discount for living in the house, house rent of $250, and approximately $35 in shared utility costs). You just can't beat that compared to the dorms or apartments!

How do I join?

Recruitment for the chapter is done 365 days a year, and we actively participate in the rush functions of the university at the beginning of the fall and spring quarters. 

Still not convinced ATO is for you?

Feel free to come to one of our open events. Find one of us on campus, e-mail, or call us. Once again, we are located at 210 Westwood Drive, behind Hutcheson Dorms and Neilson's lower-level parking lot.

For additional info or personal follow-up, please feel free to contact our rush chairman Blaze Aldrich by email


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